Contractor: ABV Rock Co.

Medical City of Riyadh, Ministry of Interior


Hospital total built-up area is approximately 491.000 square meters and is composed of 3 different sections:

  • Main Hospital
  • Women & Children’s Hospital
  • Psychiatric Hospital

The Hospital is made by specialized Centers of Healthcare Excellence: Women & Children, Cardiovascular, Oncology, Neuro-muscoloskeletal and Rehabilitation branches, providing high quality services.

In fact, according to the current worldwide healthcare model, every patient room will be a single occupancy room with high customizable medical technologies and IT support around the bedside, in order to ensure the best healing rate and staying comfort to patients. The total number of beds will be 1248.

A patient-centric approach will create a new paradigm of health care in the Kingdom and region. Moreover Operating Rooms (ORs) will be at the forefront too. In addition to general operating rooms, of which 25 in the Adult Surgery Department and 12 in the Pediatric one, the hospital will have four different hybrid ORs with CT, MRI, Biplane Angiography System and Robotic Arm configuration, in order to cover every pathologic field of human diseases. Finally the Main Hospital building will harbor a high automated central laboratory, in order to process every human sample coming from hospital care activities and daily external patients, in a total area of almost 6500 square meters. The central laboratory will guarantee the best high-throughput results.